"Iedere golf die voorbij is, is de kleine dichterbij. Ik kan niet wachten om hem/haar te mogen omarmen."
"Ik heb vertrouwen in de natuur en mijn lichaam is gemaakt hiervoor."

About me

Nice to see you at Stralende Mama, and being at my website. My name is Alejandra Alarcón and I am originally from Chili. The Netherlands has been my home now for a very long time where I enjoy working and living with my family. I am a mother to two wonderful girls who have transformed me through my pregnancy and birth as a woman. It has been such a special, exciting, positive and wonderful experience to me. First of all the extremes our bodies can handle, the privilege of being pregnant and having a child. Because of these experiences and my never failing positive outlook I have decided to turn this into my work. What used to be just my passion has now become my mission to share with the world. I experienced to be back at the source of our nature.


During my first pregnancy I received the news that I had become medical during my 34th week of pregnancy and I had to spend 3 weeks in the hospital. With this doctor’s orders bedrest I began to mentally and physically prepare myself for the birth. I soon realised I had to begin thinking, feeling and acting differently. Different from what the usual books and rules advise you to do. Different on a spiritual level. Different in many aspects, I drew upon instinct.


I applied a variation of ‘mind tools’ in order to prepare myself for the birth of my child. I found it all incredibly exciting. I was totally ready and I was looking forward to the experience immensely. Despite the fact that I would be induced into labour with 37 weeks I knew that I wanted to bring my daughter into this world in a natural way. I was even going to meet our little girl earlier than expected. I quickly let go of the disappointment of not being able to use the water birthing technique. I instead focussed on the fact that my daughter would be coming to meet us sooner than expected. I embraced the rest I was able to get in the hospital with both arms and learned to let go of what I couldn’t control, to have patience and to trust in my body and in nature.


This deep, spiritual and rich experience has elevated me to a new level. I pushed myself to new limits I never held myself possible. In my opinion everyone posseses this ‘female empowerment’. Sometimes it just needs a little help to reveal itself to the surface. For women to re discover her own strength with a self confidence in her own nature and in nature itself.

After a swift and natural birth my journey began and I found my calling in HypnoBirthing.I teach this in three languages; English, Dutch & Spanish. A technique that by now I have been sharing for years with love and immense pleasure. I have also delved deeper into learning about the process and tradition of birthing. I am also a certified Doula, pregnancy and parent & child yoga teacher. I am also fascinated by the inner workings and the power of the mind. This in order to get to a deeper level and to help mothers and fathers over a longer period of time. I am also a specialist in processing Trauma for babies and toddlers, so that I am also able to further understand and help this small target group. And to help parents understand why a child feels the way they feel after experiencing something like that. Also started my journey in Energy work and learning from the Inca Sjamans. I can say that I feel so much at home with this ancient knowledge. The way you can connect what all is around us. The respect and the love for mother and father earth how grown in such a deeper level. And now I integrate this in my daily live and work.

A steady basis for all phases and for the entire family.


We women are made to create life. A given fact. But because of everything we hear, do , see and have experienced in this current world, I have found that many women have forgotten and become disconnected with this strength. Or they have forgotten how to apply it. I find a great joy in guiding these women to reconnect and have made this my mission.


So, keep a close eye on my website for more information on how to start our journey in guiding you and your partner! Lastly, to really treat these new parents I will be organizing retreats in 2023!


Warm regards,

Stralende Mama

Alejandra Alarcón