"Iedere golf die voorbij is, is de kleine dichterbij. Ik kan niet wachten om hem/haar te mogen omarmen."
"Ik heb vertrouwen in de natuur en mijn lichaam is gemaakt hiervoor."

Dates & Locations

If the course  is not given or the spots are not full, we can change the space to our own lovely location of Stralende Mama in Amsterdam North. Or we do it live online. We always try to find a solution to make it happen.

Date Amsterdam location- English course North

Stralende Mama Centre

Nieuwendammerkade 26

1022 AB Amsterdam North


Agenda 2023

Location Amsterdam North

English course  LIVE Friday group 

Time: 5 x 19:00 – 21:00

Amsterdam North- Friday Sep 8/15/22/29 & Oct 6

Amsterdam North- Friday October 13/20/27/ & 3 Nov

Amsterdam North- Friday November 10/17/23/ & 1/8 Dec


Date 2024 LIVE group 

Amsterdam North- Friday January 5/12/19/26 & Feb 2

Amsterdam North- Friday February  9/16/23 & March 1

Amsterdam North- Friday March 8/15/22/29 & April 5



Also weekend Time 10:30 -13:00

Sunday September  10/17/24 & Oct 1/8

Sunday October 15/22/29 & Nov 5/12


Also in Spanish

Spanish course live/ curso Español 

Thursday 5 x 19:00 – 21:00/ Jueves

Amsterdam N- Thursday Septiembre 7/14/21/28 & Octubre 5

English HypnoBirthing®

Free parking spots!

The private courses are always available in this space in Amsterdam North Stralende Mama centre or at your own home!