"Iedere golf die voorbij is, is de kleine dichterbij. Ik kan niet wachten om hem/haar te mogen omarmen."
"Ik heb vertrouwen in de natuur en mijn lichaam is gemaakt hiervoor."


Hi Alejandra,


Our Raymond was born on January 20th last week! We are over the moon with our little man. He's doing great!


Thanks for the extra sessions. I really think this helped to get the labor going.


The birth was beautiful. I listened to a lot of affirmations especially during the first hours (especially in the shower – while Roy was making the cake). The first 8cm went very quickly. The midwife was impressed by the calmness and speed. Because Raymond was crooked, the dilation at 8 cm. I first tried it myself for 2 hours, but when it turned out that Raymond had pooped in the amniotic fluid and there was no further dilation, I was given hormones. That was a bit spicy because I already had the urge to press. Thank god for the endorphins that had been released Smiley face with open mouth and smiling eyes After 2,5 hours of hard work I was finally allowed and it was beeped within fifteen minutes And once he lay on my stomach, it was only fun!


I am so glad I took the hypnobirthing course with you. I was able to sit in my cocoon until the very end and direct all my energy inward, without getting stressed. Without hypnobirthing (and my anchor Roy! :) I don't know if I could have made it through this without panic and too much pain.


I am now becoming a bit more human in my recovery and really enjoying the little man.


Huge thanks again for the help and guidence!!




Hi Alejandra,


I followed the hypnobirthing course with you and I gave birth to our son Bodhi almost 6 weeks ago. Wow, what a difference from the first birth!


I was able to relax so well during the dilation and my husband helped me very well. I thought it was a really special experience. I've been listening to the hypnoses regularly for the last few weeks of my pregnancy and haven't actually practiced much with my husband. We did discuss some things.


When the contractions started I first had to look for what I liked best in terms of posture and such, but that was soon clear. On the bed on my side and the CD on. My husband stroked my arm and leg in between and during the contraction he put some pressure on my lower back. When the midwife came I was already at more than 5 cm after 3 hours. I wanted to give birth in the bath in the birth center in Harderwijk, but in consultation with the midwife I stayed at home because we were so relaxed and it could go quickly. And after more than half an hour another cm is added. Still very relaxed. I did listen less to the CD and I was more in the moment. When the contractions got a bit intense, I listened to the words of the CD and I could relax well. The midwife actually left us alone most of the time because it went so well. When my mother arrived, it only took an hour before I was allowed to push. I was 10 cm dilated but could handle it very well. I thought the transition to contractions was a bit of a switch. Last time I got an epidural and had experienced it differently. But it still went great. After 9 minutes he was there! Afterwards I heard that my mother and maternity care did not believe that I was allowed to push because I was so relaxed. By the way, it took me 5 and a half hours in total to give birth.


They sometimes say you have no pain with hypnobirth and that is true because the experience is different. You don't put a label of pain on the contraction. You don't know the word pain. You are completely in the now and also between contractions. You don't think the next contraction is going to hurt. You are just completely in the now during your birth so that you accept everything as it is. This makes the experience very different.


I have a really nice experience there and I want to thank you very much.


Kind regards from Laura

My husband and I took a private hypnobirthing course with Alejandra from Stralende Mama. Alejandra was very relaxed at the time and so she came to us on Sunday evening. After quietly talking about what we were going to do and what our needs were, we got started with the exercises. If we didn't get it, she showed it and this was nice for the learning process. We also liked that she did not follow the booklet very protocol, but mainly followed us in our needs and what suited us as an exercise.


The course provided us with a lot of tools to get started when the contractions finally started. Thanks to our hypnobirthing course, the delivery was not a painful experience, but above all an experience of zen meeting our 2nd girl. The whole delivery was loving and conscious. Thanks Alejandra, for your guidance and patience.


Love Semra & Mustafa