"Iedere golf die voorbij is, is de kleine dichterbij. Ik kan niet wachten om hem/haar te mogen omarmen."
"Ik heb vertrouwen in de natuur en mijn lichaam is gemaakt hiervoor."

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At Stralende Mama, we offer postpartum doula and massage treatments to support mothers during the important phase after childbirth. We understand that the transition into motherhood is a unique journey that can come with challenges and adjustments. Our dedicated postpartum doulas and masseurs are here to guide, care for, and support you during this period of physical recovery, emotional changes, and creating a strong bond with your baby.

A postpartum doula is a professional who specializes in providing non-medical support to new mothers. The doulas are experienced and trained to assist with various aspects of motherhood, such as breastfeeding, baby care, emotional support, and household tasks. They offer a listening ear, practical advice, and a safe space for you to share your experiences and ask questions. They can help with cooking, light housework, and provide rest for the mother.

In addition, we also offer postpartum massages specifically tailored to the needs of mothers after childbirth. Our massage treatments focus on relieving tension and pain, promoting body recovery, reducing stress, and stimulating relaxation. We utilize various massage techniques to provide you with a soothing and rejuvenating experience.

At Stralende Mama, we believe in the power of personal attention, customized care, and creating a supportive environment where you as a mother are at the center. The postpartum doula and masseuse work closely with you to understand your needs and help promote your well-being during the postnatal period. We strive to support you in a smooth transition into motherhood, so that you can shine as a confident and happy mother and embark on your new role with a fresh start. Everything is allowed as long as you can enjoy and embrace whatever needs to be in that moment.


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