"Iedere golf die voorbij is, is de kleine dichterbij. Ik kan niet wachten om hem/haar te mogen omarmen."
"Ik heb vertrouwen in de natuur en mijn lichaam is gemaakt hiervoor."


The course, given by Alejandra, learned me not to concentrate on my body; because it knows what to naturally during the deliveryprocess. My focus needed to be on my thoughts.

Alejandra was cheerful, emphatic & pleasant in her way of communicating.

Also the coursebook ‘Bevallen met hypnobirthing’ was very helpful; it gave a clear image of the delivery proces. Together with all the learned, I started the proces with confidence.

It all ended with a beautiful delivery at home. I am happy that it also brought me the Mother Instinct-power, which I can use for the rest of my life.

Kim – Amstelveen – oktober 2019

Hi Alejandra,

January 20th last week we welcomed our son Raymond! We are totally on cloud 9 at the moment with our little man and he is doing really well!

Thanks again for the extra sessions. I really think they helped initiate the labour.

The birth was very beautiful. I spent the first hours (mostly in the shower – while Roy was baking the cake 😉 listening to a lot of affirmations. The first 8cm went rather quickly, my midwife was very impressed by my calmness and speed. Because Raymond was positioned crooked the dilation was stented somewhat. I tried to do it myself for two hours but when they found out Raymond had pooped in the amniotic fluid and there was no further dilation, they gave me hormones. That part was a little hard because I already had the urge to push. Thank God for the endorphins that release because I was able to plow throw smiling! After two and a half hours of plowing through I managed to push him out in under 15 minutes. And once they placed him on my belly it was all enjoyment from then on!

I am so happy to have followed the hypnobirthing course with you. I was able to remain in my little cocoon until the very last moments while directing all of my energy within, without giving in to stress. Without hypnobirthing (and my rock Roy!) I don’t know if I would have been able to get through it all without panic and a lot of pain.

By now I’ve pretty much recovered back to a functioning human and am able to enjoy my little man every day.

Thank so much for your help and guidance!!

Warm regards,


Hi Alejandra,

I followed your hypnobirthing course and by now it has almost been 6 weeks since I gave birth to our little Bhodie! Wow, such an enormous difference with our first birthing experience!

I was able to relax so wonderfully during the dilation and my husband really helped me through. I really thought it was such a special experience. I spent the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy listening regularly to the hypnoses but not so much time practicing with my husband, though we did discuss some things of course.

When the contractions started I first needed to find the position that felt right for my body, but this didn’t take a lot of time. On the bed on my side with the CD on. My husband meanwhile, was stroking my arms and legs and during a contraction he would apply some pressure to my lower back. When the midwife showed up, I was well over 5cm after 3 hours. I wanted to give birth in the tub in the birthing centre in Hardewijk but after discussing this with the midwife I decided to stay home instead as we were doing so well in being relaxed and it could possibly all go very quick. After a half hour we were over another centimetre. Still very relaxed. I did notice at this point I was less able to pay attention to the CD and more invested in the moment itself. When the contraction would be a little heavier I found myself listeing to the words from the CD and I was able to relax. The midwife actually left us to ourselves for most of the time because we were doing so well. When my mother joined us, there was only about an hour left before I was able to start pushing. I was 10 cm dilated but was able to pull through very well. I did think the transition into pushing contractions were a bit of a change in mindset, as last time I made use of the epidermal and experienced this entirely different. Yet it all still went wonderfully. After 9 minutes he was here! Afterwards I was told that the midwife and my mother didn’t think I was ready to start pushing as I was still so calm. The entire birth only took me 5 and a half hours.

They say sometimes that with hypnobirthing you didn’t experience any pain and I can see how that is true because the entire experience is so different. You don’t recognize the contractions as a pain because you are so deep within yourself. The word pain becomes a foreign concept you might say. You are totally invested in the moment and even between the contractions you don’t expect the next one to hurt. You are entirely in the now and that makes the experience totally different.

I truly had a wonderful experience and would like to sincerely thank you.

Dearest regards, Laura

My husband and I followed a private course in hypnobirthing with Alejandra of Stralende Mama. Alejandra was very flexible with time and was therefore able to come to us on a Sunday evening. After calmly discussing our needs and plans we got started on some exercises. Whenever we didn’t understand the instructions, Alejandra would show us by doing it and this was a very pleasant learning process. We also enjoyed that she didn’t strictly follow the structure of the booklet but adapted the course to our needs and preferences.

The course gave us a tremendous amount of tools to use when the contractions finally started. Thanks to our hypnobirthing course the birth was not a painful experience. It was more a zen-full experience of meeting our second baby girl. The entire birth was a loving and conscious process. Thank you Alejandra, for your guidance and patience.


Semra & Mustafaa

My beautiful birth experiences

For our first pregnancy my husband and I joined a lovely HypnoBirthing  course. We learned a lot during this course. She explained during the course that she also offers Doula support. We had a click during this day. I did not know what actually doula is. As she explained further, and before even the course was finished I already knew I wanted Alejandra as our Doula. And we met after the course to talk about our wishes. During our birth we immediately connected the way we think it gave me some sort of peace. I really wanted a natural birth, and so we did. Alejandra supported us during my pregnancy , during giving birth and after birth als post partum. I felt like she is part of my family with me, she was with me the whole time and gave my partner the support and guidance he needed. Well not long after our little girl was born I got pregnant with my 2end child. And guess what Alejandra was my Doula again. And omg she was so helpful to guide me during my surges. I thought first it’s gonna take a long time just like my 1st birth. But she made sure that I should call my midwife, and yes she was right. I was fully dilated. She made sure that she could be there during my second birth in the hospital. Again she was a big support to my husband and me of course. We did some Rebozo, breathing, affirmations, massage, I took a shower and then I felt I needed to push. We had the most amazing natural birth. I cant imagine without her giving birth in the hospital. And plus my family gain a beautiful friendship that I will keep for life time. We are so happy that Alejandra was our Doula for the amazing support and experiences we will cherish forever.

 All the best, Balen and family

Hi dear Ale,
 ❤️Here’s my review:
I had the pleasure to do the HypnoBirthing course with Alejandra in a private setting and afterwards she was also my doula. I cannot recommend her enough! She has so much knowledge, wisdom and warmth in her, she guided me according to my needs, she listened, confirmed, encouraged, and never made me feel uncared for. Her intuition is on point and she does her thing wholeheartedly. I wish I had Ale with my first birthing (which was really long and exhausting) but at least I got her now with my second one. I have so much appreciation and love for my experience with Alejandra.
End of review  😄 Anne 
September’22 until February ’23