"Iedere golf die voorbij is, is de kleine dichterbij. Ik kan niet wachten om hem/haar te mogen omarmen."
"Ik heb vertrouwen in de natuur en mijn lichaam is gemaakt hiervoor."



HypnoBirthing is a loving, beautiful & conscious way of making time for each other and for your pregnancy. Together you work towards the labour of your child. The steps during your pregnancy are equally as important as the day of the labour itself. If you practice beforehand, you will be able to embrace the labour with both arms. Your body will know to relax and will recognize the exercises you have practised together. I would like to welcome you to one of the locations where I teach. If you prefer a privet setting for the course, then this is of course also a possibility. Together we will determine how and where the course will take place and whether you prefer it to run a course 5 times each session is 2,5 hour so 5 days total.


In short, together with your partner you will come and enjoy the relaxing and educational exercises. Prepare for a beautiful, positive and unforgettable experience: the birth of your baby. During the HypnoBirthing course you will learn many mental preparation techniques for a gentle and loving labour. Let go of any doubts and worries and learn to use the ‘mind tools’ that I will give you in order to feel strong, secure and positive.


You will also learn how to decrease the experience of pain. Learn to relax wonderfully during our hypnobirthing course that is supported with teaching video’s, hypnosis sessions and the course textbook. You decide when, where and how. Entirely according to your needs and wishes. This offers you a wide range of options to choose from and make it entirely your own.

What is the ‘secret’ to HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing is a form of self-hypnosis. You teach yourself ‘tools’ during this course in order to descend deep into the realm of your own body. Your partner too, plays a big role in this. How wonderful is it to experience that every baby gets born in warmth and comfort. During the hypnobirthing you can achieve a state of total relaxation which allows you to draw deep within. Because of this trance of relaxation, you are much better able to let go and establish better contact with your baby. While using this technique you are still in a conscious state. We actually already experience this daily. You can compare it to daydreaming or the feeling of being totally absorbed in a good book. You still maintain total control of your body and mind and you will still be able to communicate with the people around you. You decide in what state of relaxation you sink into, together with the help of your partner or Doula.

What does it include?

A practical, pleasant workshop for 2 people  A 5 day sections) either in a group or privet setting to be determined together.

  • Comes including the following course material:
  • Instructive video’s (theory + breathing exercises)
  • A digital course textbook ‘Hypnobirthing’
  • A rainbow Meditation
  • Affirmations
  • Many extra’s (birthplan, practice workbook, practice schedule)
  • Birth positions
  • Extra support if needed with an 30 min FREE video call
  • The course material (the video’s the hypnobirthing book and the hypnosis sessions are available online and available to digitally download.
  • You can study, read and watch the material to your own satisfaction.

What do you learn with Hypnobirthing?

  • Why many woman experience pain
  • Explanation on how the uterus works
  • Explanation on the fear-anxiety-pain principle (fight or flight response)
  • Deep breathing techniques to cope with contractions
  • How to prevent fear, anxiety or panic during the labour
  • Breathing techniques to achieve relaxation
  • The power of your mind
  • Affirmations-Selfhypnosis-Partnerhypnosis-Massage techniques-Visualizations-trumping fears
  • How to easily achieve a state of relaxation
  • The different phases of giving birth and what you can do during each phase
  • How you can help your partner to the best of your ability
  • What to do when things don’t go according to plan
  • Support in the event of a breech presentation
  • Hypnosis to induce labour (in order to avoid artificial induction as much as possible)
  • Support, explanations and tips after the birth

The benefits of hypnobirthing

  • Increased chance of a swift and quick labour
  • Increased chance of experiencing less pain
  • Fewer complications- a calm baby
  • Deeper and more developed connection to your baby during the pregnancy
  • Involvement and an active role for your partner
  • Feeling in tune with your own body and the baby
  • A positive perspective by focusing on positive energy rather than negative


Most courses take place on a Saturday or Sunday or on a evening.  This is usually an  5 times sessions with 2,5 hour each session.  If you have chosen the privet course then I will be coming to you. Or you can come to mine own space in Amsterdam North. During the group course I will provide coffee, tea, fruit, healthy snacks and cookies.


You can already register for the course at 20 weeks. Couples usually come during their pregnancy leave as they find this period easier to let go. This varies per couple. The ‘tools’ that you will learn you will actually be able to apply to anything. So if you still have a lot to do then you can use these tools to cope and deal with these things differently. Are you unsure whether or not you want to participate in this course? Don’t hesitate to contact me via email or through the phone and together, we can determine what works for you.

What does it cost?

Course including digital materials, meditation, and affirmation. 

Group courses with a maximum of 6 couples. 

  • Participating with a minimum of 3 couples €397.-
  • Privet course at your home or elsewhere €597.-

Paperback or digital book“HypnoBirthing’ in combination to the course written by Marie F. Mongan founder of HypnoBirthing International the Mongan Method!

After the course we will continue to offer FREE support this can be a 3o minutes video call fro FREE!

Great news! Some insurance companies cover hypnobirthing up to €200!

Is this course (or atleast part of it) covered by the insurance company?

Quite a large amount of insurance companies cover (partial) costs of our hypnobirthing course. Most of the time this is through the additional insurance. For example OZF Achmea covers between 50 and 75 depending on the additional package that you have. Another example would be Ohra additional and the Delta Lloyd starting package which both cover 200 for our course. Contact your insurance agent before hand for the right details. Very often the terms of the insurance coverage are very specific and thus it might be a good idea to have your insurance agent advice you during this process. Often the insurance company will need an invoice after the duration of the course in order to process the coverage, therefor it is good to know the details in advance. You can always ask us for an invoice to give to your insurance company.